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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

2010 Lecture Series

Date Speaker Topic
Nov 2010 No lecture No lecture
21 Oct 2010 Dr David Branagan Geology and geophysics of Antarctica: the early Australian story
16 Sep 2010 Professor Heinrich Hora Nuclear energy without dangerous radiation
19 Aug 2010 Dr Michael Birrell Tutankhamen: the dead do tell tales
Jul 2010 no lecture No lecture
17 Jun 2010 Dr Ian Plimer Global warming : the missing science
20 May 2010 Professor P Vickers-Rich and Dr T Rich Dinosaurs
15 Apr 2010 Professor Kenneth Baldwin Weirdness in the quantum world
18 Mar 2010 Dr Michael McKinley Tridentine America
18 Feb 2010 Professor Brian P Schmidt The life history of the universe

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