Fragility and the rise of poor mental health in our youth: Where are we going wrong?

In order to combat the steep rise of mental health diagnoses, more money than ever is being poured into educational programs, particularly in our schools. Yet the more funding thrown at the issue, the greater the problem exponentially grows. Could it be that weaponising an individual with the language of depression and anxiety is in fact pathologising the normal human experience? Every generation has always looked down on the next as weak and somewhat entitled, the "back in my day" phase making teenage eyes roll worldwide. But are the youth of 2022 really less resilient and more vulnerable to crumbling into a rocking heap in the corner at the slightest inconvenience?

With the rise of gender identity issues, increasing numbers of youth diagnosed with complex trauma and ADHD traits of impulsiveness and short attention span, combined with a world focussed on immediate gratification and victim mentalities, are we fighting a losing battle when it comes to the mental health of the next generation? Or perhaps we need a complete recalibration on how these issues are both conceptualised and addressed.

Fragility and the rise of poor mental health in our youth: Where are we going wrong?

Clare Rowe
Clare is the founder of Rowe & Associates Child and Family Psychology. As an Educational and Developmental Psychologist she specialises in paediatric psychology including assessment and diagnosis of childhood disorders such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disorders and giftedness. She has extensive experience in the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety and depression, and parental training in management of oppositional behavioural difficulties. Clare is known for her no-nonsense approach and her firm belief that children and families should not be in long term therapy -most common behavioural difficulties can be significantly improved in a few practical sessions of help. Clare also has a particular speciality in appearing as a Expert Witness in the Family Court in high conflict cases. Clare is a commentator on child and adolescent mental health, appearing regularly on Sky News and writes for The Australian newspaper.
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