The dream of a “fountain of youth” can be found across diverse cultures dating back thousands of years. Today, scientists are studying the biology of ageing to identify new molecular processes that underlie the ageing process, with the discovery of new drug and diet interventions that can extend late-life health and overall lifespan. Aside from the potential to improve our quality of life as we grow older, these interventions could be used to treat a wide range of conditions that occur at younger ages. I will discuss these in my talk, with a special emphasis on the work my lab is doing to prolong female fertility and hopefully reduce the need for couples to use IVF to obtain pregnancy.


Lecture by:
Dr Lindsay Wu
Dr Lindsay Wu is a metabolic biochemist and Senior Research Fellow at UNSW Sydney, where he leads the Laboratory for Ageing Research in the School of Medical Sciences.
May 2022
Mittagong RSL Club, Cnr Hume Highway & Bessemer Street, Mittagong NSW 2575


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