Looking to the Future: Hydrogen Fusion

Nuclear Fusion, or Hydrogen Fusion, is a technology that has been in development for decades. Humanity is finally on the verge of cracking this ‘Holy Grail’ of energy production. Max will talk you through how this technology captured his interest early on in his scientific journey, where this interest took him, and why emerging technologies are so important for aspiring STEM students to look towards.

Please note: Hydrogen fusion is in no way related to the "hydrogen economy" being promoted by the Australian federal government and others. Max will talk about Hydrogen fusion, which is a process that potentially can release vast amounts of usable energy from small amounts of hydrogen by reproducing the processes which power the sun. The "hydrogen economy", on the other hand, does not create any new energy because it only uses hydrogen as a way of storing energy.
[This note was added by The Royal Society Southern Highlands, to avoid possible confusion]

Looking to the Future: Hydrogen Fusion

Max La Galle - introduction by Prof Ken McCracken AO
In 2019 Max attended the National Youth Science Forum and was then selected to represent Australia at the London International Youth Science Forum where he visited both the Joint European Torus and CERN. Max's primary interest is in fusion as a power source: the challenges, the promise - and the problems. Max has been accepted to study materials science and chemical engineering at UNSW. Max will be introduced by Prof Ken McCracken AO. Ken is well-known to our Southern Highlands audiences, having given many lectures over the years. He was recently awarded the COSPAR Space Science Award for “outstanding contributions to space science”, and a Minor Planet (8258) has been named “McCracken” in his honour.
Jun 2021
Mittagong RSL


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